Tuesday, March 17, 2020
COVID-19 Pandemic, and Technology Professionals Saskatchewan Notification:


SASTT's Mission


To serve the public and the environment by promoting the integrity of applied science / engineering technology professions through a registration process of technical proficiency and a code of ethical conduct for its practitioners.                                                                                      


Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians (SASTT) is the only professional association that represents applied science / engineering technologists and technicians in the Province of Saskatchewan.  Registered members of SASTT have been certified by their peers as having a recognized level of post-secondary academic and practical training in a specialized applied science / engineering technology discipline.

The Association was originally established under the name of The Society of Engineering Technicians and Technologists of Saskatchewan (SETTS) in 1965. In 1988, the members voted unanimously to change to our present name which encompasses all disciplines of registration.

Who We Are

Technology Professionals Saskatchewan are individuals who are capable of assuming responsibility and of exercising independent judgement in the fields of applied science / engineering technology in which they are trained.

Applied Science Technologists and Certified Technicians have post-secondary training, or equivalent, in the principles of applied mathematics and applied science / engineering technology. They must have a minimum of two years post graduate discipline related work experience in the application of these principles to obtain registration.