Why join as a Student Member

A commonly asked question is why join Technology Professionals Saskatchewan (TPS) as a Student Member.

Becoming a Student Member is the first step in your chosen field of technology to becoming a registered professional member of TPS.

When you graduate from your chosen discipline, you can apply to TPS to upgrade your membership from Student Member to an Associate Member for the duration of the two year, discipline related, work experience required.

As a Student Member, you have access to:

  • Benefits
  • Journal and mail outs that keep you updated on current news and/or events
  • Salary Survey – an excellent tool to use when applying for work, negotiating or annual pay increases
  • Employment Opportunities posted on the TPS website and available to registered members only
  • CTEN – Canadian Technical Employment Network

Students are also invited to attend Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony.  This is a great opportunity to meet with your peers and to socialize with many professionals in all types of fields.  Meeting TPS members can provide you with an excellent resource of knowledge and employment opportunities.

Best part of joining as a Student Member - it's FREE!

Note:   Student Members are not eligible for Professional Liability Insurance under the Association’s group plan.
New Graduates - If you are interested in submitting an application for registration as an Associate Member upon graduation, and you have graduated from a program that is recognized by TPS and have applied for Associate status within six (6) calendar months of your diploma date, TPS will waive the Associate status application fee, and upon being accepted for registration, the current year of the annual professional fee will be waived for a limited time only.