Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance is now part of your annual professional fees.

Employee Technologists / Technicians 

It is often assumed that if your employer holds professional liability insurance there is no need for you, as an individual employee, to carry your own insurance. This may not be a correct assumption since there are some circumstances where you might not be covered by your employer's insurance. It is possible that your company’s client may name you directly in a law suit and, depending on the specifics of the company’s professional liability policy, the company’s policy may not respond and provide coverage for you, especially if negligence is alleged. In addition, it is possible that an employer could seek reimbursement from an employee whose negligent act resulted in financial damages. It never hurts to ask your employer about the company’s insurance policy and your place in it.

Employee Technologists / Technicians While off the Job

Even when “off the job” you can still be held to your professional standard. For example: You help a “friend of a friend” with a weekend project. Should things go wrong, and your “friend’s friend” be out of pocket, they could sue you for not performing to the level expected of your professional designation. Your employer’s insurance won’t cover it.

Self-Employed Technologists / Technicians

In providing services to an engineering or construction firm, or directly to a consumer, any real or perceived errors or omissions, may lead to a claim against you. Regardless of the validity of the claim, you will still be responsible to defend yourself. Defence costs may be significant and could impact your personal wealth. For example: You sign off on a project, but somehow things go wrong and there are costly delays and/or, repairs. The firm or the firm’s client may try to collect any additional expenses incurred from you. Other common activities that can lead to legal costs include home inspections and drawing errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Liability for Technology Professionals Saskatchewan registered professionals.

What other associations or professions require universal (mandatory) professional liability insurance?

Numerous associations and/or professions in Canada require that their members purchase universal (mandatory) professional liability insurance including lawyers, accountants, architects, real estate agents, appraisers, surveyors, mortgage brokers and occupational therapists to name but a few.

Where can I find more information about the program?

Information can be found at: Alternative Risk Services