Student Awards


Scholarship Award for the Child of a TPS Member

TPS is offering a $1,000 scholarship to the child of a TPS member.  The Scholarship is to provide assistance with expenses incurred while undertaking full-time studies leading to a technology diploma / certificate from a program recognized by TPS in applied science / engineering technology and has completed not less than 50% of the entire program.  All submissions will be coded and the recipient will be chosen by the lottery method.

$1000 Scholarship Award Application

Applied Research in Technology Award

This Award is offered annually to one student registrant who is a graduating student of an applied science / engineering technology program in Saskatchewan that meets the academic requirements, and is recognized by Technology Professionals Saskatchewan.

The Applied Research in Technology portion of an applied science / engineering technology academic program allows the technologist to combine the competencies obtained during the program to research a specific area of interest. As a means to recognize the outstanding achievement of a graduating student, Technology Professionals Saskatchewan provides an Applied Research in Technology Award.

Student registrants that are interested in being considered for this Award should contact their program head. Candidates will be nominated by program heads of applied science engineering technology programs in Saskatchewan that are recognized by Technology Professionals Saskatchewan (maximum of one per year).
The work must be worthy of the designation “outstanding” and might include:
  • development or implementation of a new product, process or technique;
  • an innovative technical solution to an environmental, social or community problem.
Selection Committee
The Awards Committee.
Application Date
Normally, the application date will be June 30th. The CEO / Executive Director / Registrar has the authority to extend this date if deemed necessary.
The Award will consist of a Certificate of Achievement, a letter of congratulations from the President, and upon obtaining enrollment as an Associate member after graduation, Technology Professionals Saskatchewan will waive two years of Association professional fees.