Board of Directors and Management

Executive Committee

President Doug Helmeczi, A.Sc.T.
1st Vice-President Gregg Sigethy, A.Sc.T.
2nd Vice-President Frank Van Breugel, C.Tech.
Past President Steve Oszust, C.Tech.
CEO/Registrar Jaime Feltis, A.Sc.T.


Colleen Glover, C.Tech.
Betty Hoffart, FCPA, FCMA
Dave Lenz, A.Sc.T.
Troy Libke, A.Sc.T.
Roland Rusnell, A.Sc.T.
William Scott, J.D.

The governing body of the Association is a Board of Directors elected by registered professionals at the Annual Meeting.

The Board of Directors consists of the President, Past President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, and a minimum of three Directors. Two public representatives are appointed by the Legislature for a three year term.

The CEO of Technology Professionals Saskatchewan is responsible for management and administration of Association affairs.