2023 TPS Photo Competition

Technology Professionals Saskatchewan (TPS) is proud to sponsor its 2nd annual photo and video competition.  All TPS registered professionals, associates, and student members are eligible to enter.  Log in to www.tpsk.ca.

Winners will be announced in the 2023 ProConnect Fall / Winter Issue and posted on TPS electronic-media sites.  Each photo submitted shall be entered into one or more of the following disciplines:

Architecture, Bioscience, Building, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Engineering Design and Drafting, Environmental, Forestry, Geological, Geomatics, Industrial, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Mining, Petroleum, Telecommunications, and Water Resources.

  1. The competition is open to TPS members in good standing, and to professional photographers representing companies or clients employing the TPS member submitting the entry.
  2. TPS Publicity and Photo Release form must accompany each submission.
  3. All images must have a title.
  4. You must indicate Professional or Novice level on the entry form.
  5. All printed entries must have an image that is no smaller than 5” x 7”, and no larger than 8” x 10”. Square images will be accepted provided that they are no smaller than 7” x 7”, and no larger than 12” x 12”.
  6. All digital entries must be file sizes lower than 10MB as email servers may restrict delivery of larger files.
  7. Images submitted electronically should have a file size of 10MB or less, but should be available in RAW format if they are selected to be used, so that they can be printed in a larger form.
  8. Acceptable formats will be JPG, PNG, PDF, or EPS.
  9. Printed entries must be mounted on rigid backing that is no thinner than file-folder stock.
  10. Matted or framed photos will not be accepted.
  11. Photographs taken of other photographs will not be accepted.
  12. Participants are limited to five photographs per discipline, however there is no limit on the number of disciplines in which a member may submit.
  13. There is no fee to enter the competition.
  14. Images of minors will not be accepted.
  15. Judges are looking for an easily recognizable feature that relates to applied science / engineering technology, in a clear presentation and with full regards to safety and appropriate content which would not violate any law.
  16. Only entries with a copy of the official entry form attached to the back of the photo or emailed with digital entry will be accepted. Since the entry form is detached from the photo during the judging process, attach the form using only a bit of tape (do not use glue).
  17. Photos of people must be accompanied by a TPS Publicity and Photo Release form, signed by the subject of the photo.  A copy of the TPS Publicity and Photo Release form can be found by logging into your profile at www.tpsk.ca.
  18. Entries will not be returned automatically. If you require the return of your entries, please send a self-addressed envelope of the appropriate size or an email to admin@tpsk.ca or arrange to pick up entries from the TPS office.
  19. TPS retains the right to use the entries for promotional purposes after the competition.
  20. Photos and videos used by TPS may carry a credit line where possible.
  21. The photographer retains the right of ownership to their photograph before, during, and after the competition.
  22. All prizes must be accepted as awarded.

All entries must be received by TPS no later than 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

Digital entries must be emailed to:  admin@tpsk.ca.

All entries must be mailed or hand-delivered to TPS.

2023 TPS Photo Competition
381 Park Street