Public Safety

First and Foremost ... Public Health & Safety

In accordance with SASTT's Code of Ethics, SASTT members must have proper regard for the physical environment and the safety, health and well-being of the public in the execution of their duties as registered professional members.

As a self-regulating professional association, SASTT reviews the academic and experiential qualifications of individuals who apply for membership prior to granting a professional designation. Members must be employed in the discipline in which they are academically trained, and are responsible for keeping their technical knowledge current.

In carrying out its duties under "The Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians Act"  the Association ensures public safety with a responsibility to guarantee the qualifications of members, protect against the misuse of professional designations, and exercise disciplinary and legal action to ensure competence of SASTT members.  Please contact the SASTT Registrar to file a complaint and mark all correspondence CONFIDENTIAL.


Self-Regulating Professions

Although the provincial government remains ultimately responsible for public safety and well-being, it entrusts this responsibility to professional self-regulatory associations such as SASTT.

SASTT's commitment to protect the public interest is evident in our responsibilities under the SASTT Act, some of which include: