2023 President's Award
(L to R): Frank Van Breugel, CTech, (TPS President), and Mike Sazynski, AScT
Each year the President’s Award is chosen and presented by the President of Technology Professionals Saskatchewan to an individual who promotes and furthers the professional identity of the Association to the public. This individual, through professional conduct and actions, takes it upon themselves to educate, promote and defend the organization and its membership. The “2023 President’s Award” was presented to Mike Sazynski, AScT for his tireless efforts towards promoting the applied science and engineering technology profession both provincially and nationally.
A plaque displaying each recipient is on display in the TPS office.


2023 Technology Professional of the Year Award
(L to R): Frank Van Breugel, CTech, (TPS President), and Sean Gemmell, AScT
This Award is presented to Technology Professionals Saskatchewan members who have distinguished excellence in professional life – whether technical practice or such areas as management, teaching or administration. The Association is pleased to present the “2023 Technology Professional of the Year Award” to Sean Gemmell, AScT for his tireless efforts towards promoting the applied science / engineering technology profession both provincially and nationally.

2023 The Maurice M. Zimmerman, AScT
Excellence in Technical Instruction Award

(L to R): Jared Mathieson, AScT, and Frank Van Breugel, CTech, (TPS President)
2023 marks the twelfth year of this prestigious Award to recognize the late Maurice Zimmerman, AScT, this Award was presented to Jared Mathieson, AScT, for his outstanding professionalism and excellence in making a significant contribution to the education of professional technologist and technicians. Jared Mathieson, AScT, is recognized for his technical ability, leadership, creativity, innovation, and most importantly for the many students whom he has taught and mentored in the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Instrumentation Engineering Technology program.

2023 Employer of the Year Award
(L to R): Frank Van Breugel, CTech, (TPS President), Jamie Wolynec, AScT, Brad House, AScT, Cory Brace, AScT, Spartan Controls General Manager, Kevin Mansell, AScT, and Jason Pingert, AScT.
This Award recognizes an employer of professional Applied Science Technologist and Certified Technicians in Saskatchewan. The basis of this Award may be a single, exceptional accomplishment or a long record of continuing excellence. Activities must be worthy of the designation “outstanding” in their contribution to technology in Canada. The Award is available to business firms, crown corporations, government agencies, individual entrepreneurs, associations, research and development agencies, and educational institutions. The Association’s “2023 Employer of the Year Award” was presented to Spartan Controls Limited and is recognized for promoting continuing education, professionalism, and ensuring public safety with a quest to offer the highest level of services by committing to hire professional technical personnel.


Registrants and employers are encouraged to nominate a candidate for a Technology Professionals Saskatchewan Award.

Scholarship Award Application for the Child of a TPS Member

Technology Professionals Saskatchewan is offering a $1,000 scholarship to the child of a TPS member.  The Scholarship is to provide assistance with expenses incurred while undertaking full-time studies leading to a technology diploma / certificate from a program recognized by TPS in applied science / engineering technology and has completed not less than 50% of the entire program.  All submissions will be coded and the recipient will be chosen by the lottery method.

$1000 Scholarship Award Application